The Protein Crops Working Group of the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA), Oil and Protein Crops Section (OPC), and the Misión Biológica de Galicia (MBG) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Spanish Asociation for Legumes (AEL) organize this Symposium in Pontevedra, Spain, with the cooperation of national and internationally recognized scientific organizations. The official language of the Symposium will be in English.


Prof Emilio Lora-Tamayo
President of the CSIC. Madrid, Spain.


Prof Antonio M. De Ron
EUCARPIA Protein Crops Working Group Leader
MBG-CSIC. Pontevedra, Spain
Prof Eduardo Pardo De Guevara
CSIC Delegate for Galicia. Santiago de Compostela, Spain


PRESIDENT OF THE SYMPOSIUM: Prof Emilio Lora-Tamayo. President of the CSIC. Madrid, Spain
Picture CSIC President

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to multidisciplinary research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Its main objective is to develop and promote research that will help bring about scientific and technological progress, and it is well-suited to collaborate with Spanish and foreign entities in order to achieve this aim. Several important aspects of the science and technology of Agriculture and Nutrition will be addressed in this symposium, which are not only relevant to the scientific community, but also to the human health and well-being, particularly in developing countries. Therefore I warmly welcome the participants in the Symposium with the hope that the scientific sessions give rise to fruitful discussions and contribute to make further progress in relation to protein crops.

DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Dr Beat Boller. EUCARPIA President. Zurich, Switzerland

Picture EUCARPIA President

On behalf of EUCARPIA, I am honored to welcome researchers from all fields related to protein crop improvement to this symposium. It is the first scientific meeting of the newly founded Protein Crops Working Group within the Section Oil and Protein Crops of EUCARPIA, one of the 8 crop-specific sections of our association. I am particularly pleased that with this event, the Oil and Protein Crops Sections becomes active again, terminating a period of 8 years of silence after the last section meeting in 2007. I congratulate Antonio De Ron on his success in putting together a program which attracted so many scientists from the different disciplines along the production chain of protein crops, helping to build bridges between basic plant science, plant breeding, field agronomy and product development.

DEPUTY PRESIDENT. Dr Teresa Millán. AEL President. Córdoba, SpainAEL President. Córdoba, Spain

Picture AEL President

As current president of the Spanish Legume Association (AEL) it is a pleasure to contribute to the development of this conference. Our aim is to defend and promote legumes and this will be a great opportunity for our partners to exchange experiences and knowledge with international colleagues. For sure, scientific contributions and the incomparable location of the conference will facilitate the success of this event.

SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR: Prof Antonio M. De Ron. EUCARPIA Protein Crops Working Group Leader. MBG-CSIC. Pontevedra, Spain


The International Symposium on Breeding of Protein and Oil Crops, held in Pontevedra, Spain, in April of 1998, was organized jointly by the CSIC (Spanish Council for Scientific Research) and EUCARPIA (European Association for Research on Plant Breeding, Section “Oil and Protein Crops”). On that occasion, as in this new Symposium, EUCARPIA has trusted me for the scientific coordination of the event, which honors me both professionally and personally. I hope that this Symposium will be an opportunity for scientists to meet plant geneticist and breeders, agronomists, and dieticians, to discuss ways to improve production of protein crops, which is currently a relevant challenge, not only in Europe but globally.

INSTITUTIONAL COORDINATOR: Prof Eduardo Pardo de Guevara. CSIC Delegate for Galicia.Santiago de Compostela, Spain


The CSIC plays an important role in scientific and technological policy, from basic research to the transfer of knowledge to the productive sector. In our region, Galicia, the agricultural sector is of great importance, and for this reason the CSIC has in the region two agricultural research institutes. One of them, the Misión Biológica de Galicia in Pontevedra, founded in 1921, takes over the organization of the Symposium. As Institutional Coordinator of the CSIC in Galicia is for me gratifying that the symposium will be held in this region. I hope the participants, besides their scientific work, have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful region, its people, its history and culture and its nature.