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Pontevedra (Galicia region) is a small city (population: 80000) in the Northwestern Atlantic coast of Spain, in the estuary of the Lérez River (“Ría de Pontevedra”). It is the capital of the Pontevedra Province (population: 1 million) and the landmark of the “Rías Bajas” area, the main tourist area in the North of Spain. The historic Old Town is very well preserved, with ancient and noble mansions, civil and religious buildings and beautiful gardens, being the camellia the main representative ornamental plant of the “Rías Bajas” area.

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For centuries Pontevedra has been an important step on the road to Santiago (“Camino de Santiago”) followed by pilgrims of many nationalities going to Santiago de Compostela (63 km away), in whose magnificent Cathedral (built in 1211, the front in 1750) is located the tomb of the Apostle Santiago (St. James), that is very revered in Europe.

Traditional food in the region is based on a rich variety of fish and shellfish, meat, vegetables and fruits, together with local recipes. The climate is humid temperate: in the last 10 years, average mean temperature in May was 16.5 ºC and average rainfall in this month was 104 mm.

The shore of the Lérez River estuary is characterized by its small beaches of white sand and clear water very often visited by travellers and tourists in spring and summer. In the surroundings of Pontevedra is located the National Park of the Atlantic Islands.



Tuesday-5. 18:30-20:00

Welcome Party

Wednesday-6. 17:30-23:00

17:30. Guided visit to the historic Old Town of Pontevedra by courtesy of the City Council of Pontevedra. Departing from the Symposium venue.

19:00. Guided visit to the Pontevedra Museum by courtesy of the Museum (Provincial Chamber of Pontevedra).

20:45. Symposium Dinner. Lyceum Casino Noble Hall (1st floor). Traditional music of Galicia by courtesy of the Provincial Chamber of Pontevedra.

La Peregrina

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Thursday-7. 15:30-21:00


15:30. Departure from Pontevedra (bust stop, see map). Visit to the historic buildings and gardens at the Misión Biológica de Galicia (CSIC), in the surroundings of Pontevedra.

17:00. Visit to the Soutomaior Castle (15 km away Pontevedra) and gardens by courtesy of the Provincial Chamber of Pontevedra.

19:00. Visit to Martín Códax winery (Cambados, 30 km away Pontevedra). Tasting of “Rías Bajas-Albariño” white wine and typical products of the region (Galicia): cheese and pie (“empanada”).